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Georgia is situated at the strategically important crossroads where Europe meets Asia. Country has a unique and ancient cultural heritage, including UNESCO sites. Georgia is famed for its traditions of hospitality and delicious cuisine.

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Ski resorts - Gudauri, bakuriani, Bakhmaro. Black Sea resorts - Batumi. Black Sea Arena concert hall. Explore the land of oldest wine and honey.

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Local-state parks, historic sites, lakes & waterfalls, wildlife, mountains, gardens, festivals, events and more.

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Georgia becomes one of the most visited countries in the world with
lowest crime index, popular among travelers with its astonishing
nature and cultural heritage, as well as high quality medical services!

(Source: www.numbeo.com)

Georgia is one of the most unique tourist countries in the world. Tourism in Georgia is thriving due in large part to its diversity of landscapes, cultural heritage, and an unrivalled reputation for hospitality to foreigners. “Cradle of Wine”- the motherland of the oldest wines in the world. Scientists say 8,000-year-old pottery fragments have revealed the earliest evidence of grape wine-making. Georgia has a long history of beekeeping. So far, the oldest remains of honey have been found in Georgia dating back to some 5,500 years ago. Over the last 14 years, Georgia’s healthcare system has undergone reform which has improved health indicators and narrowed the gap between Georgian and European standard. The most popular treatments are dentistry and hair grafting. Medical tourists usually come from EU countries, Russia, as well as from the Middle East, such as Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, Iraq, Azerbaijan and Armenia. Emigrants from the US, Russians, Armenians and Azerbaijanis living in England also tend to go back to Georgia for medical and dental treatment.

União do Samba in Georgia!

Dear friends, 1 September in BATUMI on BATUMOBA 2018 and on 4 September in MESTIA (SVANETI), with support of Batumi City Hall and Mestia City Hall, more than 25 drummers and musicians, accompanied by vocals and dance with Brasilian rhythms, will awake people after a hot summer. União do Samba (Uniao do Samba) is one of the largest ensembles in Germany, which is active for more than 20 years. União do Samba group arrives in Georgia for the first time. All local people and guests will hear not only music in the style of Samba Batucada, Sambareggi, but also modern original author's compositions created by the ensemble leader Ulrich Bammer. Visit us for free! Enjow and be happy!

მეგობრებო, 1 სექტემბერს ბათუმში (აჭარა), BATUMOBA 2018 - ის ფარგლებში და 4 სექტემბერს მესტიაში (სვანეთი), ბათუმის მერიის და მესტიის მერიის მხარდაჭერით, 25-ზე მეტი დრამერი და მუსიკოსი-მედოლეები გვესტუმრებიან გერმანიიდან, რომელსაც თან ახლავს ვოკალი და ცეკვები ბრაზილიური რითმებით, გააღვიძებენ მოსახლეობას ცხელი ზაფხულის შემდეგ!

União do Samba (Uniao do Samba) გერმანიაში ერთ-ერთი ყველაზე დიდი ანსამბლია, რომელიც 20 წელზე მეტი არსებობობს. საქართველოში სამბას ჯგუფი პირველად ჩამოდის. მოსახლეობა და სტუმრები მოისმენენ არა მხოლოდ მუსიკას სამბას სტილში, არამედ თანამედროვე ორიგინალურ კომპოზიციებსაც, რომელიც ანსამბლის ლიდერის ულრიხ ბუმერის შექმნილია. დასწრება თავისუფალია! იყავით ბედნიერი!


Ai Dunia (Reggaeon/Trio Mandili-Cover)

Das Original Ai Dunia ist von der Band Reggaeon (https://youtu.be/lr8AxVJXQi0) aus Georgien. Wir verwenden im Video aber die Coverversion und die Videoästhetik von Trio Mandili (https://youtu.be/KQr_VY5ObdY). Nach zigfachem Anhören sind wir jetzt wirklich Fans der Gruppen geworden. Ai Dunia ist ein geniales Musikstück und wird performed von zwei einmaligen Bands.

Auf der Georgientour 2018 wird Uniao do Samba das Lied mit kompletter brasilianischer Trommelbegleitung spielen. Ein georgischer Song von Deutschen in Georgien mit brasilianischen Trommeln gespielt. Irgendwie strange! Der Text ist in Georgisch und es war ein hartes Stück Arbeit für die Sängerinnen, das authentisch rüber zu bringen. Danke Lasha für die Unterstützung. Gesang: Melanie und Kathleen Akkordeon: Jutta


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Georgia is becoming one of the most visited country in the world!

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